Star Wars Rebels: “Heroes of Mandalore Part 2” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Just a quick note to start things off - Disney XD aired both parts of the Star Wars Rebels Season 4 premiere tonight. Eric Goldman already reviewed "Heroes of Mandalore Part 1" when it was screened at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year, so tonight I'll just be focusing on Part 2.

For whatever flaws it may have, Star Wars Rebels has been great about tying up the many loose ends left over from Clone Wars. We've seen Captain Rex evolve from loyal Republic soldier to independent freedom fighter. We've seen Darth Maul's story finally receive the closure it needed. And we've seen the fate of Mandalore in the time of Emperor Palpatine and his Empire. It hasn't been pretty, but the show consistently found success in Season 3 when it came to fleshing out Sabine's troubled background and the chaotic, war-torn state of Mandalore. Nothing has changed as Rebels begins its fourth and final season.

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Watch: Uber Gorgeous Animated Adventure Short ‘Fox and the Whale’

Fox and the Whale Short Film

This is one of those jaw-dropping stunning animated short films that you need to stop and watch right away. Fox and the Whale is animated short made by Robin Joseph about a fox that goes on an adventure to find a whale. While the plot is seemingly that simple on paper, this gorgeous film has so much more depth to it than that, and will leave your mind reeling. This film reminds me of Don Hertzfeldt's animated shorts because there's so much profoundness to it, and that's not something easy to pull off. There's nothing more to say now than please just take a moment to watch and enjoy this mesmerizing work of art. It's so worth it. ›››

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Tokyo Ghoul: The Movie Review

The live-action film adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul checks a lot of boxes; it follows the source material, there is tons of blood, people are eaten, coffee is brewed, and the kagune pack a punch. Taking on the Dove arc only, this movie condenses the introductory story of Tokyo Ghoul competently, but only just so. It struggles to explore Kaneki’s waning humanity beyond screeching, and some of the film’s biggest moments fall flat due to odd directorial choices and irregular shot composition. This is far from the best version of Tokyo Ghoul, but it is at least a fun movie so long as you’re not looking for depth.

Like the anime and manga before it, Tokyo Ghoul follows Ken Kaneki as he transforms from human to a human-eating ghoul after receiving his ghoul attacker’s organs. He goes on to join a group of rather peaceful ghouls that run a cafe, Anteiku, that acts as a refuge from the Commission of Counter Ghoul, a government agency charged with finding and eliminating ghouls.

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