David Arquette & Amy Acker in ‘Amanda & Jack Go Glamping’ Trailer

Amanda & Jack Go Glamping Trailer

Gravitas has debuted the trailer for an indie titled Amanda & Jack Go Glamping, which is playing at the Austin Film Festival this month. For those who don't know, the word "glamping" is an amalgamation of "glamorous camping", essentially describing luxurious camping in which you go stay in fancy places - in this case, a "yurt". David Arquette and Amy Acker stars as a married couple who decided to go "glamping" in hopes of reigniting their spark for each other. Of course, things get weird and crazy, and yeah you know how these films go. This also stars Adan Canto, Nicole Elliott, Daniel Ross Owens, Chris Carpenter, Gustavo Gomez, and June Squibb. It's not really my kind of indie comedy, but it might be up your alley. ›››

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Final Trailer for Stephen Chbosky’s ‘Wonder’ Starring Jacob Tremblay

Wonder Trailer

"We all deserve a standing ovation at least once in our lives." Lionsgate has revealed the third and final official trailer for the film Wonder, adapted from R.J. Palacio's book of the same name. There have already been two previous trailers released, so why not one more to push this film. Wonder stars acclaimed young actor Jacob Tremblay (seen in Room, Before I Wake, The Book of Henry), who plays Auggie, a kid with an awkward facial difference who decides to go to public school despite being made fun of. He makes a few new friends who help him learn to be himself. The full cast includes Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson as Auggie's parents, and also featuring Daveed Diggs, Mandy Patinkin, Sonia Braga, Izabela Vidovic, Ali Liebert, and Bryce Gheisar. This looks charming and inspiring, which is pretty much the point, that we all should learn to look past these little differences and appreciate everyone for who they are deep down. ›››

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Official Trailer for Superb ‘Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond’ Documentary

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond Doc Trailer

"I couldn't remember who I was anymore… So you step through the door not knowing what's on the other side." Netflix has debuted the official trailer for a superb documentary titled Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, which is all about the performance Jim Carrey gave as comedian Andy Kaufman in the film Man on the Moon. This documentary dives deep into Carrey's mind, examining how and why everything happened back in 1999 while making the film. They filmed over 100 hours of footage, which was never seen until now, giving us a very impressive look at exactly what Carrey was like. He "became" Andy for months, responding only to the name Andy and pretending that Jim was completely gone from Earth for that time. I saw this doc at the Venice Film Festival and loved it (here's my review), because it goes beyond just being a behind-the-scenes film to become profound as a profile on truth and comedy. It's definitely worth your time. ›››

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The Snowman Review

The Norwegian detective Harry Hole (alright, alright, get that out of your system) is one of the most popular crimefighters in the modern era of mystery novels. But you wouldn’t know it by watching his first feature film. Tomas Alfredson’s adaptation of the serial killer thriller The Snowman is a generic detective story that can’t even stand out against its own icy backdrops.

Michael Fassbender plays Harry Hole, a struggling alcoholic and famous Oslo detective with a supportive ex-girlfriend, Rakel (Charlotte Gainsbourg), her teenaged son Oleg (Michael Yates), and nothing else in his life. When a new investigator at the precinct, Katrine (Rebecca Ferguson), tells Harry that a series of disappearances may be connected, and might even be the work of a serial killer, Harry dives in. And when disembodied heads start popping up on the top of snowmen, he realizes he’s in deeper than he thought.

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1922 Review

1922 debuts exclusively on Netflix on October 20th.

If movies have taught us anything it’s that no good murder goes unpunished. It doesn’t matter how clever your scheme is or how righteous you think you are. If you kill somebody, your uppance will come, and it will probably be as ironic as hell.

1922 is Netflix’s second Stephen King adaptation in as many months (Gerald's Game was the other), and it fits tidily into the tried-and-true moral murder mold. It’s a solemn, disturbing drama about farmer Wilfred James, played by Thomas Jane with a voice that sounds like a low gear combine in desperate need of tuning. His wife Arlette (Molly Parker) is getting big ideas about independence. She wants to sell the farm and move to the city, and if Wilf isn’t up for it, she wants to get a divorce, open a dress shop, and take their teenaged son, Henry (Dylan Scmid), with her.

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