Watch This: Sleepy Skunk’s Retrospective 2017 Movie Trailer Mashup

Sleepy Skunk's Movie Trailer Mashup

"There's something, calling them all here…" It's time for another look back at all the movies of 2017. Our longtime friend the "Sleepy Skunk" has revealed his annual end-of-the-year recap video - the 2017 Movie Trailer Mashup - featuring footage from all the different movie trailers released throughout 2017 edited together to good music. Louis, who makes this specific video every year, always puts a lot of time and effort into making this and it shows, as the editing and music make it an entertaining and inspiring experience. It's always invigorating to look back at this year and all that we've been graced with from the world of film. ›››

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Thora Birch & Chris Klein in First Trailer for Comedy ‘The Competition’

The Competition Trailer

"I'm suggesting a little competition…" Gravitas Ventures has debuted the first trailer for Harvey Lowry's indie comedy The Competition, making fun of relationships and the way things work in this day and age. Thora Birch stars as a woman who becomes the "voice of a generation" by starting a romance blog about how relationships should only last 6 months, at which point you must break up before your mate becomes unfaithful. She is introduced to the perfect guy, played by Chris Klein, but refuses his advances. So they setup a challenge to choose five friends in long relationships and attempt to get them to cheat. It plays out from there, and yadda yadda. The film's full cast includes Claire Coffee, David Blue, Gabrielle Stone, Jason Tobias, and Tiffany Fallon. Not really my kind of romantic comedy, but check this out if you want. ›››

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First Trailer for Action Thriller ‘Acts of Violence’ Starring Bruce Willis

Acts of Violence Trailer

"Can't go around kicking in doors." Lionsgate has released the first trailer for an action thriller titled Acts of Violence, yet another instantly-forgettable B-movie from nowhere starring the formerly-great Bruce Willis. In this one, Willis plays a cop investigating human trafficking and fighting a corrupted bureaucracy. The plot focuses on three Midwestern brothers, a crime lord, and Willis' cop, who are all on a deadly collision course when the youngest brother’s fiancée is kidnapped by human traffickers. So they make it a mission to save her, and of course there's plenty of guns and explosions. The cast includes Cole Hauser, Shawn Ashmore, Ashton Holmes, Melissa Bolona, Sean Brosnan, and Sophia Bush. I'm really so tired of these kind of mediocre, excessively bland action films that are a dime a dozen nowadays. Have fun. ›››

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