High Ground Review

A tale of revenge in the colonial-era of Australia´s history with jawdropping landscapes.

Years after surviving the killing of his family by British soldiers, an aboriginal boy is trying to find a way living as a “forced missionary” and also avenge the murderers with the help of his former “savior”, a British war-veteran and sharpshooter – but the boy wasn´t the only survivor, both have to track down.

Outstanding and realistic performances by “The Mentalist” star Simon Baker and the premiere of young Jacob Junior following other countless very well played characters.

Beautiful landscapes, river banks, birds in the endless wildlife of Australia sum up this fantastic nature driven adventure-drama.

After a long time I thought I had to review this special movie – as a true Australian fan I could not resist.
This movie is not just for simple adventure-western fans it also stands up for the indigenous people still suffering from their past and present to keep alive and live their culture and habits in their own country.

10/10 (masterpiece)

-Tamás Erdélyi

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