Alita: Battle Angel Review (3D, IMAX)

RoboCop rocks but Alita also kicks ass!

The story
In the post apocalyptic war torn future, Christoph Waltz brings back a female young cyborg to life again – unleashing a bionical revolution.

Mr. Waltz never fails – as in this movie – so do the others, to name a few: Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali and of course Alita (Rosa Salazar) with a great motion captured performance.

Some 3D effects were mind blowing – especially Alitas character. Very detailed cyborgs, each one with it´s own special ability. Gorgeous combat scenes with a good portion of slow motion – which always works well in action movies.

Finally a good choice to visit an IMAX 3D theatre again – never got bored and was very impressed by the rich details created by the masterminds Cameron and Rodriguez. Little spoiler: the bar scene kind of reminded me of “From dusk till dawn”.

7/10 (good)

-Tamás Erdélyi

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