Overlord Review

A horror story placed in World War 2? Yes it works – Overlord delivers enough thrill and chill to satisfy both genre fans to the bones. Promise!

The story
Dropped behind enemy lines – more than a mission and some horrific experiments below ground go wrong.

Did not know know any of the actors – I always enjoy that, especially in this movie, finally “good” german soldiers with german accent. Not so naturally in war movies.

First 10 minutes in the plane are a blast – good mix of shooting and fighting with some very well created “super soldiers”.

I knew I would like it and I loved it – story, acting, effects and of course the setting, always loved war movies, especially WW2, not the war itself of course, but the dramatic stories of survival and pain, that we should never forget!

8/10 (great)

-Tamás Erdélyi

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