Predator Upgrade Review

I was not sure if it was worth a review, but I thought I should also review bad movies, and it´s really bad! Just watched Predators (2010) before and it was way better, trust me!!!
What went wrong Mr. Black??? I guess it just took too much time to develop this movie, and that was the result, but you did good a job on Iron Man 3 though!

The story
Which one? Well there´s some sort of story that no one understands.
Small Preadator vs. a bigger and stronger Predator, ther´s not much more to tell…nothing makes sense.

Worst I have seen so far, Thomas Jane – what a ridiculous role, you were so good in the movie “Mist”, what happened?
Not even Arnie could have saved the movie, now I understand he did’t join the cast.

I liked the first minutes of the film, and where the Predator tries to break out of the laboratory, that´s all I can remember, the rest was just awful.

Lost 2 hours of my life and nearly fell asleep in the theatre.
Better stick to the original film with Arnie (1987) and Predators (2010).
Already erased this movie from my memories.

2/10 (awful)

-Tamás Erdélyi

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