Upgrade Review

It´s not a horror movie – it´s a MASTERPIECE!
Finally a movie with a good story, stunning visuals, ans lots of twists and turns – an example how movies should look and feel ike!

The story
It´s not just a simple sci-fi revenge movie as it seems in the trailer – it´s much more than that…I cannot spoiler here, go see it by yourself, in my opinion it´s THE surprise of the year! This is really how our future could look like! If you are familiar with Android and some IT stuff you will get even more excited ;).

No it´s not Tom Hardy, maybe just a look a like :), but very well acting here from Logan Marshall-Green!

Low budget? Really? Hard to believe. From the first scenes to the last, the movie is filled with so many details and incredible visual effects and also very well scripted, best flic in years…

There is not much to say, if you like sci-fi action thrillers, again it´s not horror genre, you will LOVE this movie and you will watch it over and over again!

10/10 (Masterpiece)

-Tamás Erdélyi

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