Deadpool 2 Review

“Post credit king”

I was not really planning to watch this movie but instead of watching “Solo – A Star Wars Story” I decided to give it a chance, I honestly liked the first part. And I was not dissapointed at all, it fulfilled all my expectations.

The Story:
Deadpool continues to hunt down bad guys. After a tragedy happens he decides to take desperate measures.

Like in the first part Ryan Reynolds was again the best choice for Deadpool. A funny character you cannot take seriously. That´s exactly what fans want to see. Many side characters like juggernaut and of course colossus.

Some very good CGI and slow motion effects but also some classic shooting like in the 90s.

Sound and Music:
Again a very good classic mix from the 80s and 90s, like a-ha, Cher, Dolly Parton and Peter Gabriel.

Suprisingly a lot of X-Men and X-Force “easter eggs”. Fun and very entertainig action movie with some depths and the best post credit scene so far, so you have to stick around a bit at the end!

8/10 (great)

-Tamás Erdélyi

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