Ready Player One Review

Am I told old for this? I am not sure about this, but I am pretty sure a lot of you guys (maybe the younger ones) will love the latest blockbuster of Steven Spielberg. Looks like Mr. Spielberg is back to his old roots and he indeed created a stunning world full of “easter eggs” and familiar characters from video games and movies. But in the end something was missing, at least for me…

The Story:
Yes and that´s the movie about, finding “the” easter egg hidden in a virtual world called “Oasis”, where most people escape to. The mastermind behind this world is dying and promises the one who finds the easter egg wealth and the takeover Oasis.

Mark Rylance (from Bridge of Spies) and Tye Sheriden (Joe) did a good job, but that´s all I can say here, because most of the movie was CGI acting.

Movie is filled with stunning 3D CGI effects. King Kong, the delorean from Back to the Future and many more hidden but short scenes are everywhere, that motivates some to watch the movie a second time.

I really liked the beginning, but after a while it was too much, maybe a bit too long. Nevertheless Ready Player One is a fun and enjoyable sci-fi action movie for the younger ones out there.

7/10 (good)

-Tamás Erdélyi

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