Death Wish Review

Despite of all the (negative) reviews I went to the see that movie at the next theatre with a friend. I have to admit I was waiting to see that long awaited remake of Charles Bronson’s 1974 classic, and when I heard that Eli Roth will direct, it was a must! And I think Mr. Bronson would not have been disappointed at all, if he would still be with us, knowing Bruce Willis did his job very well.

The Story:
I was born in the 80s and watched a lot of Bronson classics with my father, so I kind of grew up with those kind of movies. A father (Bruce Willis) loses his wife and his daughter struggles for life in a coma after a house robbery ends tragically. Sadly, Bruce was working that night and the bad guys went to rob his house. His life is ruined his revenge is inevitable…

Solid acting by Bruce W. (he seems to be back again after a couple of semi core movies). I also like the part of his caring brother (Vincent D’Onofrio), if you remember the bullied guy in
Full Metal Jacket. The other actors, Elisabeth Shue, etc. not really worth mentioning, sorry…

If you want a good action flick without thinking too much, it´s the perfect fit. Bruce is back and tough as ever. Cleaning the streets of Chicago from the bad guys.


-Tamás Erdélyi

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