The Finest Hours Review

The movie was a long time on my wishlist so I decided one night this is the right time to watch it now on Netflix.
And I was not disappointed at all. A good story (based on a true story is always a win) and a good acting performance make this movie an enjoyable disaster flick.

The Story:
1952, heavy storms, huge waves and a sinking “half” oil tanker off the Chatham coast (Massachusetts).
An exciting rescue mission led by Chris Pine and the love of his lifetime waiting for him to come home.
On the ship Casey Affleck tries to save what´s left of the ship and crew.

Some very well actors, to name some of them, Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Ben Foster and also Eric Bana make a very strong performance together.

Very realistic ship models and good weather, storm and wave effects.

Finally a good history-disaster movie with some thrills and strong acting.


-Tamás Erdélyi

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