Warcraft Review

Finally, the movie came out on Amazon Prime and I thought let´s give it a chance, despite what I´ve heard so far about the movie. However, if you know the director behind the movie “moon” and “source code” you would also give a try ;).
I have to admit, I´ve never played the game, so I apologize to all the fans about my review.

The Story:
Not so much to tell here, Orcs vs. Men, or at least the Orcs try to rule over humanity, because they need their “souls” to live and to survive. The Orcs travel through a magic portal, created by their cruel “master”. Some twists but that´s all I can tell.

Nothing special here neither. Ben Foster as a known actor added his poor performance as the Last Guardian of Tirisfal.

Sometimes very well made effects, especially the worlds, the forests and the battles, but sometimes you don´t realize the movie cost $160 million! There are indeed ridiculous scenes, for example the battle of the guardians and a stone giant!!!, I could not stop myself from laughing, sorry.

I don´t really think that World of Warcraft fans really liked that movie from the beginning to the end. It was sometimes enjoyable, at least. Don´t really think a sequel would make a lot of sense.


-Tamás Erdélyi