The Cloverfield Paradox Review

Yes it was a surprise for me, when I first saw the news about the movie coming to Netflix right after the Super Bowl. I was totally excited and I could not wait to start the movie, because I am a big fan of the Cloverfield franchise. I don´t want to spoil too much, because I don´t like that either, here is my first short impression.

The Story:
So I started the movie right on the next day after the Super Bowl, skipping the trailer. It began with a short introduction about what´s going on with our dying earth (not really new to me, kind of heard that story before). The crew on the space station “Cloverfield” has to find a way to save the earth, as I mentioned before don´t want to spoil too much.
As you can imagine suddenly an accident happens on the station and whole crew has to fight for their lives. Some bizarre things are happening then to the ship and also the crew members, and I really enjoyed that part for a while. And here comes the BUT the story began to be very confusing with some good and bad twists and also scenes from earth (could have been more).

Solid acting with some known actors (Chris O´Dowd from IT-Crowd, one of my favorite series and also Daniel Brühl was quite good).
I have to admit without those actors the movie would have been worse.

Good and surprising effects, but was missing more effects and scenes on earth.

Be warned! It´s not a monster movie!
Fun, but confusing movie with lack of scary scenes (if you have seen Cloverfield and Cloverfield Lane, you will miss them).
I have to say I was disappointed at the end, but I guess you´ll have to find out, go and watch it on Netflix, finally a good decision not to bring it to theatres.
Maybe the next Cloverfield will find it´s way back to the fans.


– Tamás Erdélyi